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  • Chiba is located in the capital city area, with its wide area and favorable natural conditions, also shows diversity in its industries.
    From its proximity to an abundance of both nature and major consumer markets, agriculture in the prefecture ranks second in the country.
    Its marine industry is also preeminent. In addition, areas with high concentrations of industries, including the coastal industrial zone, Makuhari New town (in chiba city), Kazusa Akademia Park (in Kisarazu city), Kashiwa-Tokatsu area have developed. Narita Airport, the gateway to Japan, and the Port of Chiba, which boasts the highlight cargo handling volume in Japan, support their development.

Good food for a better life

Chiba offers you its rich tasting, high quality foods.
Our Prefecture's fertile land and generous sea are a source of healthy agriculture and marine products.
This is why Chiba's diversified foodstuff production is famous, and enjoyed all over Japan.

Our No.1 confidence is our products's healthiness and safety.
We offer these high quality Chiba brand foods, for you.

Why is "Chiba Brand Foods" special?

  • Reliability - Safety - High Quality
  • Chiba Brand Foods is based on 3 keywords; "Reliability" "Safety" and "High Quality".

    Chiba is called "Kitchen of Edo" from the history, a source of supply for rice and vegetables to the Metropolitan Area.In Chiba we have a commitment for our agricultural products to reduce the use of pesticides, agricultural chemicals and fertilizers.

Our methods of culture and the use of chemical products are managed by production record. Our concern for developing an agriculture in harmony with the environment is driving forward. Surrounded by sea on three sides, Chiba has a huge fishing ground providing Japan's unique "treasures of the sea."

Our aquatic products safety is carefully controlled and monitored.